Published on May 21, 2017 by Antigua Music

Every journey begins with a first step; the first word of the first line of the first verse of the first chorus, which all leads up to the first song.

ARWE Musiq is excited to introduce a new artist – Mr. Livingstone – who brings a unique fusion of international styles with Caribbean attitude in his first single appropriately titled “Bout To Get Started”.

Written by Mr. Livingstone, this track takes on a life of its own with a fusion of EDM and traditional instruments creating a sense of urgency, anticipation and excitement which makes you want to move to it. This music compels you to get up and get started.

After watching on the sidelines for so long attempting to resist the urge to take part, it’s time to embrace your true nature and live life the way it ought to be lived – Taking nothing for granted and going after all your dreams. Dis one is bout to get started.

Produced by: Alvin Livingstone
Mixed & Mastered: Glenroy James at Cadence Fire Warrior Studio
Written by: Alvin Livingstone
Background Vocals: Alvin Livingstone
Recorded at: Cadence Fire Warrior Studio
Artwork and Video by: EI&D Graphic Designs


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